Recruitment and Human Resource Management

The Chairman of ICAS also works with AFRICSEARCH as a Senior Advisor. Therefore, ICAS also markets AFRICSEARCH services.

AFRICSEARCH is the first professionals Heads Hunting Firm for Africa. The Consultancy Firm is specialized in Counseling in Human Resource Management. The services they provide list as follows:

  • Needs assessment
  • Positions Sheets
  • Establishment of recruitment procedures
  • Selection and presentation of shortlists
  • New Staff’s smooth Integration Monitoring
Skills Assessment
  • Review of Capacity, evaluation of personal and professional skills as well as individual motivations
  • Listing of professional priorities
  • Using of individual advantages as negotiation tools and training needs assessment
  • Planning for jobs and skills
  • Career development plans and staff mobility management
Human Resource Management
  • Motivation and Reward Policy
  • Social Audit
  • Assessment
  • Operational Coaching
  • Payroll System
Organization and Management
  • Adjustment of Human Resource to working environments
  • Simplification of Decision-making processes
  • Development of Staff empowering tools
  • HR techniques (operational and administrative HR Management; Fundamentals of payroll, Conduct performance reviews; CPD Plan; internal trainers’ Training …)
  • Management: (Fundamentals of management; intercultural management; Toolbox for new generation manager …)
  • Commercial effectiveness (customer reception; sales and negotiation techniques, Handling of difficult clients; How to Communicate effectively …)
  • Personal development Programs: How to speak in public; How to convince without force; How to deal with stress and set up priorities; Gaining self-confidence and assurance; Identifying own leadership style, etc.)

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